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Daily Fantasy WNBA Lineup Advice – The Scales | 8-30-17


Welcome to this edition of Daily Fantasy WNBA Lineup Advice, “The Scales”.

We have decided to switch things up for WNBA and other daily fantasy content. DFS players love to see a visual of the research they are looking for to improve their lineup. Here at Root, we will be releasing a large amount of our information via info-graphic.

This will be the first info-graphic for “The Scales” and will be expect to see more during NFL and NBA season. So, without further due, lets get down to tonight’s two-game slate.

Daily fantasy WNBA advice

I am chalking these two games up as shoot-out and blowout, in that order. Chicago is in the 9th spot, two games out of securing a playoff spot. Dallas is in the 7th spot, but could drop if Seattle can muscle through their last few games with wins.

Minnesota is a half-game up on my Sparks for the #1 overall seed in the WNBA. Indiana has proven that they can be the hiccup that Minnesota doesn’t want, and especially, at this point in the season after squandering a two-game lead over Los Angeles.

Clear fades:

Glory Johnson – Averages 11 points and 6 rebounds vs. Chicago this season
Sylvia Fowles – Averages 15 points and 7 rebounds vs Indiana with an average of 22 minutes on court
Erica Wheeler – Averages 7.5 points and 5 assists vs Minnesota this season

The season concludes on September 3rd and every game counts from here on out.

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