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FREE: How to Become A Consistent MLB DFS Player in 2017


Root Daily Fantasy Sports Presents: How to Become A Consistent MLB DFS Player in 2017

Daily Fantasy Sports becomes more competitive with each passing day. Now, you can learn how to change your luck and turn it into skill with our short, FREE guide on How to Become A Consistent MLB DFS Player in 2017!

Becoming a successful and consistent MLB DFS Player in 2017 can be a reality; although it is challenging. I am by no means the best MLB DFS Player in the world, and I won’t claim that title. However, I do win consistently and with near certainty; and I do so without having to enter 30-40 contests every night.

Do you want to learn how to become a more consistent MLB DFS Winner? If so, please take a moment to read this short, easy-to-follow guide that will give you some tips and pointers to help you attain a far better win percentage.

Do you consider yourself to be a good MLB DFS Player? Have you only recently started playing daily fantasy sports and you cannot seem to break through the “cash line?” Whether you play every day or once a week; fantasy sports is a fun and challenging way to win money while you watch a sport you love and enjoy. However, like anything else, if it was easy to win we would all be rich, and there would probably be no DFS Market. While we all certainly wish we had the bragging rights of past $50,000 or more 1st place winners (and the money to go with it), the reality is unless you are extremely lucky, winning takes time and patience.

Step 1: Platform

Believe it or not and although it seems trivial, the first step in becoming a more consistent MLB DFS Player starts with choosing a DFS platform that fits and works for you! The main reason why will be more thoroughly explained later.

Professional sports players, depending on their respective sports, became great usually because they stuck to their profession, or for lack of a better term, platform. In other words, I would recommend trying each platform a few times to get a feel for each, and then stick to one until you build your bankroll, which as mentioned earlier is part of step 2.

There are several DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) platforms, but in the interest of time I will name the most commonly used:

1. DraftKings

2. FanDuel

3. Fantasy Draft

4. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Again, I would highly recommend trying each for about 3-4 days to get a feel for each platform and see the types of contests, the amount of players in each contest, and how steep the competition is. What one may love and excel at, may not be good for another. Pretty easy so far, wouldn’t you agree?

Step 2: Bankroll Management

White beach sand under your feet, an umbrella over your head, a Wi-Fi connection, and a cooler full of Coronas next to you while you monitor your lineups with the game playing on your laptop. Sound too good to be true? Well, really it isn’t! In fact, that could be you in a month, 6 months, or a year from now. The key to becoming a more consistent MLB DFS Player in 2017, and any good player will agree, is bankroll management.

It’s like anything else, really. When I think of bankroll management, I think of the popular television show, “The Lottery Changed My Life.” Although the television show does have some good stories, it mostly details stories of lottery winning nightmares. You may think that the words “lottery” and “nightmare” don’t belong together, but if you’re not disciplined, prepared, educated, and careful, a big win can lead to big problems.

Setting yourself up carefully with an initial deposit on the DFS platform that’s right for you can make a world of difference. Here is what I recommend:

1. As previously stated, make an initial deposit that you can afford. (Playing with money you can’t afford to lose will usually cause you to question yourself, doubt yourself, second guess, and ignore your gut).

2. At first, and in my opinion, utilize double-ups and 50/50’s. These contests are your best bet in building a steady bankroll that will eventually allow you to confidently enter large GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) contests. – For more on these click here.

3. Now that you have remained disciplined, and have consistently doubled your money for a week or two, you will notice that your bankroll has inflated nicely. Furthermore, you have a good win percentage and your confidence is growing. Time to settle in with the platform of your choice, and enter some GPP’s.

For this example, I am going to refer to DraftKings.

Almost daily, DraftKings offers several Featured GPP contests that can have prize pools of $100,000.00 or more, with 1st place being as much as $50,000.00! We’re not talking chump-change.

If you want a piece of that action, and you’ve managed your bankroll and gained playing experience, it’s time to enter GPP’s.

The following section is critical, and probably the most important part of this guide. 

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Step 4: Contest Preparation

How many times have you heard of, or read an article on a DFS website that recommended contest preparation? My guess would be not many.

It’s not enough to just enter a contest and guess your way through your daily draft; spending your salary like the guy who randomly picks a dozen lottery tickets and holds up the line. I’d be lying if I said that this “strategy” won’t get you into the cash of a GPP; the only guarantee though, will be a low score (unless of course you happen to be the luckiest DFS player on earth). While luck is an obvious factor the pro’s hate to admit, it is not the sole factor, and that is evidenced by the fact that some of us cash consistently. After all, that is exactly what this guide is all about — how to become a consistent DFS player in 2017!

Step 4(a): Check the Weather!

You would think this is obvious, right? Wrong. To this very day, I see people entering contests with players from teams that had been in areas with a huge potential for a rain delay or postponement risk. Nothing will take you down faster than entering players from teams that have a risk of PPD.

Step 4(b): Pitching Analysis

The Aces of the slate, in my opinion, are not always the go-to options. In fact, I often find myself fading aces in the hopes that a contrarian play pays off. Oh, if you don’t know what those terms mean: Please click here to view our Daily Fantasy Sports Glossary!

By no means am I suggesting that the aces of a slate are losers, by the way. When I say contest preparation and pitching analysis, I mean measuring batters against a pitcher, which is known as BvP. Check their lifetime history. Is the weather clear? Did the opposing team alter their usual batting lineup in hopes of exploiting the pitcher? Is the field outdoor, where wind can be helpful or hurtful; or is the game being played in a dome, where weather isn’t even a factor?

These are all pertinent questions you must ask yourself when drafting your pitcher(s).

Another factor I believe tends to be highly overlooked is floor and ceiling. Making the most out of your salary doesn’t always mean using all of your salary. In fact, in my early days of playing DFS (with my lack of knowledge and experience), I truly thought in order to win I had to use my entire salary. It wasn’t until I sat back, with some experience under my belt, did I realize that in the end it comes down to the players who score the most points.

Step 4(c): Lineup Construction

When you are playing Daily Fantasy Baseball for cash, you are the front office, the GM, the skipper, and the bullpen coach. Treat it that way!

There are two basic ways of constructing your lineup’s in a way that will keep your lines competitive. The first, and in my personal opinion, the most useful is the stack. The second which can be just as effective on the right slate is the match-up based lineup.


A stack, or stacking is the method of taking multiple players from a single team and adding them to your lineup. Most of the time, stacks are used when 3 or more players from a single team have good BvP against the opposing pitcher. While stacking a team is done for a variety of reasons, the most common is pitcher exploitation. When players get hits, they get on base, and when they get on base and the other players hit, runs are scored. See how that works? The best MLB DFS Players use stacks!

Match-up Based

In some slates you will find that stacking a team is either too expensive, or it is simply not an option. If that is the case, it is usually actually due to the fact that there are plenty of good BvP match-ups to be head. In this case, you don’t have to worry about using a 3-4 player stack, and you can focus more on individual mat-ups per position.


Step 4(d): Batter/Pitcher Splits

With the literally thousands of resources available for anyone to access online, it can be easy to get lost in information. Don’t do that. Just do what works. In the real world, Managers construct their lineups and even their batting order based on who is pitching.

This research method is where our website comes in to play. When we provide Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineups & Advice, all of what we have mentioned is factored into our picks (as well as our own nerdy scientific method we use for our premium service set to launch soon). We do all of the hard work for you, which is why we have a stellar record of picking winning plays each day.

With that being said, we encourage every single MLB DFS Player to cross reference and research our picks, the picks of another website, and even your own. Batter and Pitcher splits can really crack the code on who to start and who to fade. For example, you may find that DraftKings has a pitcher priced at $11,200, making him the most expensive pitcher on the slate. Does that mean he will pitch the best? Absolutely not.

More often than not, the top 3 most expensive pitchers tend to be the chalkiest pitchers. Any time that you can identify batter splits that favor the batters of a chalky pitcher, do it. The same is true for pitchers that can, at times, be severely under-priced. Finding these key data points are what separate the good from the great.

If you can incorporate all of step 4 into your daily fantasy Baseball formula, you will immediately find yourself winning more money, and you will become a consistent MLB DFS Player.

Step 5: Conclusion

The last half hour before the slate starts is the most important time of the day. Please, don’t be the donk that decides to take a shower or a nap a half hour before game time. Well, actually, I won’t convince you not to do that, because if you do, I will gladly take your money! (LOL)

Take a look at everything that can happen in the final 30 minutes before contest lock:

  1. Lineups released: Teams are releasing batting order and lineups.
  2. Weather Reports: Trusted sources make their final assessment on weather. In the summer, storms can manifest seemingly out of nowhere, and this can mean trouble for the stack you used in 80% of your lines.
  3. Late Scratches: Teams often make last minute changes to out-whit the opposing team. AKA a “late scratch.” A lineup could be released 2 hours prior to game start, all the while the Manager had a “late scratch” planned.
  4. Player Props: Sometimes projections and player props can change and update throughout the day. The best time to check your lines is just before game time.


One of our guys here at Root Fantasy Sports has a nickname that defines what so many people can’t help but do. That nickname is “Tinker Master.” Are you a tinker master? I highly recommend you avoid tinkering with your lines unless new information presents itself, like weather changes or scratches. Ultimately, one of the most important parts of this guide which wasn’t highlighted is your gut feelings. I have found my gut, as well as gut calls from my colleagues are more often than not, right on point. Not too say you should build an entire team based on your gut, but you get the picture. Don’t be a Tinker Master!

Root Fantasy Sports provides free daily lineup advice and picks for a variety of sports, including baseball. We know DFS is very unpredictable, and anything can, and will happen. We can assure you though that if you follow our FREE guide on how to become a consistent MLB DFS Player in 2017, you will do just that!

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Thank you for reading FREE: How to Become A Consistent MLB DFS Player in 2017 – Now, you can and will do just that!

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