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Daily Fantasy Sports Glossary: Learn DFS Terms and Phrases


Root Fantasy Sports Presents: Daily Fantasy Sports Glossary

New to DFS? Want to get a better understanding of words, terms, phrases, lingo, and jargon daily fantasy sports players use?

Believe it or not, this Daily Fantasy Sports Glossary can in fact make you a better player. Having a solid foundation is the key to success, regardless of what we’re referring to. In other words, to master your craft you must be knowledgeable in both practice and theory. That is why we’re providing you with a summary of a DFS Glossary!

Please use the daily fantasy sports glossary below to reference words and terms. This can be used as a key or point of reference and in turn, it can help you become a better player!

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+EVPositive expected value is a return for your initial investment based on either projections or speculations. A very important part of DFS, as it is a metric you search for in all of your plays
$/pointDollars per point: This is the number of dollars you must spend (Salary) for every point a player is projected to score. Hint: Look for players with a low $/point but has a favorable match-up
50/50A type of league in which the top half of all entrants get paid and the bottom half lose their entry fee. Sometimes also referred to as 'double-ups" and 'cash games."
AvoidUsed to talk about a player you should not use in a lineup or draft
BankrollThe amount of money, or salary you have available to build your lineup or draft your team
Boom-or-bustReferring to a player that is either one or the other. A player that one night could score 35 points, and the next score nothing. usually when a player tends to have no middle ground
Buy-inThe amount of money it will cost you to enter a contest or tournament
Cash-line (money-line)A Cash-line is the point marker or threshold needed to cash in that particular contest. if the last position that is pays has 130 points, you must score higher than 130 points to cash
CeilingThis refers to the amount of points a player is projected to top out at. If a player has a high ceiling, it's because he has the ability to have a big game, and thus, score a lot of points
ChalkWhen a player or team is expected to be highly owned, they are referred to as "chalk" or "chalky."
ContestThe actual DFS event you enter your lineups in
ContrarianThe play others are unlikely to do. If a player is often overlooked, new to the league, or has upside many could overlook, this is contrarian if you play that player
DKCommonly used abbreviation for DraftKings
DFSThe abbreviation for the term "Daily Fantasy Sports."
DraftA draft is the method used to set or create your lineup
ExposureA metric used to measure the amount of money you have invested in a player, as well as how "much you have" of [that player]
FadeIf a player has bad numbers, for whatever reason, and you decide he/she isn't worth playing, you would "fade" (not play) him/her
FloorThis refers to the amount of points a player is projected to bottom out at. This is the opposite of ceiling, because it is downside
FreerollA Daily fantasy Sports contest that is free to enter, and may or may not have cash prizes
GPPGPP is the abbreviation for "Guaranteed Prize pool." A GPP is a contest that guarantees a certain amount of money to a certain number of entrants
High-LowA play based on the use of high value/cost players to accompany lower cost options
H2HHead to head; a contest where one individual faces off against another
Late-SwapA Late-Swap refers to a slated contest that starts at a particular time, and allows you to make changes to your lineup due to varying start times of games within that slate
ProjectionThis can either be the amount of points a player is expected to score, or the formula that accounts for the expected points and value for a particular player
PuntThis is a calculated move usually when you are purposely saving money at a certain position, in order to make it up elsewhere
RFSRoot Fantasy Sports
Satellite A contest or tournament with a low buy-in amount relative to the prize structure, which provides entry into a much larger contest.
SharkA player who is highly experienced and has a large bankroll
StackPicking multiple players from the same team in one lineup or draft
TicketA prize that provides entry [usually equivalent to cash value, but may not be redeemable as such] into another contest
ValueWhat a player or play is worth. Can also describe a player that night. e.g: He/she is a value player tonight (usually a cheap option that should perform well)

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