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DraftKings Fantasy Baseball Wildcard Playoffs Arcade Advice

The Yankees and Twins square off tonight. Who should you pick?

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DraftKings Fantasy Baseball Wildcard Playoffs Arcade Advice

Fantasy Baseball players, I think we are all in for one hell of a treat! DraftKings just launched a new version of Arcade Mode! Let’s break down the format and ways of scoring and then take a look at the best plays to make tonight!

Fantasy Baseball Wildcard PlayoffsThe new scoring of DraftKings Fantasy Baseball Arcade mode is important to consider when picking players for your lineups.

Please keep in mind that strategy is more important than ever if you decide to run some lines in the new Arcade mode for tonight’s fantasy baseball wildcard round.

DraftKings Playoffs Arcade Mode


As you can see from the scoring rules about, DraftKings Playoffs Arcade Mode really stepped up the system of scoring. Not only do batters get points for a plate appearance, they also received “bonus points” in terms of the type of hit. This was done due to the nature of Playoff games, given that during the regular season, you may not be able to account for the integrity of the game on a player-by-player basis in terms of daily performance. In other words, a player may cost $5,000 to draft, yet, how do we know they will 100% perform at their best? With the new format DraftKings introduced, it not only highlights the best players, it highlights the dynamics of the dynamic players themselves.

American League Wildcard Game

Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees

In the new version of Playoffs Arcade Mode, you can draft 2 pitchers (2 starters, 1 starter and a relief, or 2 relief pitchers). The first thing I would like to note about this format is that you will almost never want to use 2 relief pitchers unless the pitching matchup on both sides is terrible. Given that this is a two-game slate, we can rule out the idea of using two relief pitchers simply due to the fact that we can guarantee more points just by innings pitched.

Tonight, the Twins have Ervin Santana starting on the hill. I do not recommend taking Santana against this potent Yankees lineup that has proven they can make magic in big games.

As far as pitching is concerned, I think we should consider taking Luis Severino. Sure, the Twins can drive the ball and level the playing field with their explosive bats. However, I think Severino is the difference maker tonight and I don’t see the Yankees putting up a dud tonight. Look for 7 strong innings from Severino (6 if they have a 4+ run lead) followed by a mix of Chapman and Betances to keep their season alive. Either put in Severino with Chapman/Betances or target a pitcher in the Diamondback and Rockies game.

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Hitters to Target:

1. Aaron Judge – All Rise!!! Judge has turned up the heat in the Month of September. I mean, this kid has fulfilled his own destiny and believe me, I am the furthest thing in the world from a Yankees fan! However, it’s hard not to love this kid! I will find a way to get Aaron Judge in as many lines as possible because I think he will turn out a memorable performance tonight.

2. Jacoby Ellsbury – Ellsbury has 11 hits in 34 at-bats against Santana. in other words, he is an experienced hitter against Santana.

3. Todd Frazier – I want to recommend Frazier, the only problem is he is batting at the bottom of the order. this hurts us because we are looking to score points during every at-bat. Nonetheless, Frazier has been very consistent against Santana so if you can afford him, take him. He has a lifetime average of .357 against Santana.

4. Greg Bird – Bird will be low owned and is a great GPP option. He has hit Santana well…I mean, really well in his limited at-bats against him. 2 home runs in 5 plate appearances well! Take him!!

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Colorado Rockies

This will be a hell of a game! The Diamondbacks are Wednesdays favorites to keep their season alive, as two NL powerhouses square off.

I am going with Vegas on this one, and I think it’d be smart to target some low owned and low-cost options from Wednesday’s game. To make it simple, I suggest using a relief pitcher from Arizona as well as a hitter like Jake Lamb, Gregor Blanco or Chris Iannetta.

Jake Lamb has really heated up and he hit two long balls in his final two games of the regular season. This will continue through the playoffs and I expect Lamb to be suspiciously low-owned. Take advantage!

Gregor Blanco is not just a solid hitter who can reach base, he can also swipe a few. With righty Jon Gray on the mound for the Rockies, he may find himself a few opportunities to do just that.

As far as pitching is concerned, again, I am leaning towards taking a relief pitcher from Arizona. I think we will see plenty of action on both sides, so both pitchers could get tagged. However, the work and the points a pitcher like Fernando Rodney could provide are extremely valuable, especially considering RP can qualify for wins! Don’t be surprised if the relief pitchers in this game are the pitchers who qualify!

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