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Kings NFL Money Maker: Week 7 NFL DFS Picks for Draftkings

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Welcome to Kings NFL Money Maker Week 7 Edition. Each week I’ll be presenting you with two money-making players at each position. Normally I’ll have an expensive or chalk player followed by a punt play or sleeper listed for each position. Although, this is DFS and nothing is etched in stone. Some weeks there may be two chalk plays or sleeper plays because the match up is just too sweet!
These plays are designed to send you soaring into the money. (Your Money Makers) You can mix and match however you see fit. Just plug them in! After all, the number one reason we all do this is to make money! Now let’s check out this weeks NFL Money Makers!

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Dak Prescott ($7,300)

Although he will most likely be somewhat chalky, Dak Prescott has been playing as well as any Top Tier Quarterback this year. Averaging 22.5 Draftkings points per game. He has already thrown for 11 touchdowns as well as 2 rushing touchdowns on the year. In all honesty I expected Dak to take a huge step back this year, but he’s doing a good job of proving me wrong.With 20 or more completions in 4 out of 5 games played this year, he’s out there looking like a gun slinger. The good thing fantasy wise is the fact that the Cowboys defense is so bad that it keeps their opponents in games. Which forces Dak and the Cowboys to consistently sling the rock! With a 62% completion percentage, he’s earned head coach Jason Garrets trust to put the game in his hands, and even against the lowly 49ers…. I’m not expecting a blowout. Speaking of the 49ers….

The San Francisco 49ers are one of those teams that have you scratching your head this year. They actually set a strange record this week. They are the only team in the NFL to ever lose 5 consecutive games by 3 points or less. How does that happen!? It’s looking like C.J. Beathard will get the start at quarterback this week which should be interesting considering the fact that he’s going against the Dallas defense. However the 49ers defense is nothing to run home to mama about either. They’re giving up 277 yards and 23 completions per game to opposing quarterbacks. (Almost mirroring Dak Prescotts stats) The one knock you could throw out there against Prescott is interceptions. He’s thrown at least 1 interception in 3 out of 5 games so far. In my opinion that’s bound to happen when you’re throwing as much as he is though. With between 36 and 50 pass attempts in 4 out of 5 games, he becomes an elite play on Sunday.



Marcus Marriota ($6,900)

The poor Browns… Honestly, I sometimes feel bad for always picking on them. Then I remember the fact that I do this for money and I get back to my grind!  Marriota came back from injury last week and threw for 306 yards and a touchdown though. So it’s more than picking on the Browns… Marriota has proved plenty of times that every time he steps on the field he has the potential to beat up on defenses in a variety of ways. Something tells me this just might be his best performance of the year so far. The Browns have proved that they’re for real against the run, allowing only 72 yards per game. (3.09 yards per run) Passing is a whole different story though as quarterbacks have been beating them up week in and week out.

The Titans are a powerful running team by design, but the Browns ability to stop the run game will put the ball in Mariotas hands. If the Titans want to win in week 7 then it will have to be through the air. No problem right!? Cleveland is allowing an average of 2.33 touchdowns and 240 yards per game to opposing quarterbacks so far this season. (Not to mention a passer rating of 111) They’ve allowed 31 or more points in 3 out of the 6 games played. We could go on and on about all the ways that the Browns suck and have sucked for years now. The truth is that they’ve improved in many ways. Just not in enough ways to slow down Marcus Marriota on Sunday. He’s clearly had his ups and downs so far since returning from injury last season. That was to be expected, but watching him last week…. He seems to once again be passing the eye test. He’s playing sharp, making better decisions with the ball, knowing when to go deep and when to dump off. He looks good, most Money Makers do!


Bonus Money Makers: Drew Brees, *Jared Goff, Trevor Siemian, Tyrod Taylor, **Jay Cutler & Carson Palmer


“Sleeper Alert”

**Nick Hundley**



Running Backs

Jay Ajayi ($6,200)

Talk about head scratchers…. The Miami Dolphins are a walking talking head scratching ulcer of a team! What they did last week though, now that was impressive! I watched the entire game, screaming at the television up until halftime. The Dolphins never should have been down 17-0 at the half to begin with. They were moving the ball consistently, they just had drive after drive ended by stupid mistakes. Yes Jay Cutler turned it on in the second half, but Jay Ajayi is the reason that the Dolphins won the game. (and the defense) This team will only go as far as their feature back will take them. Since exploding into the NFL last season Ajayi has dominated the league in yards after contact. He’s like a younger “English” version of Marshawn Lynch and when he goes into beast mode, watch out! After an impressive game in week 1 he’s been non existent until last week and still has ZERO touchdowns. However he was nursing an injury and he finally seems to be getting healthy again.

This week Ajayi gets a division game against the New York Jets. The same team that embarrassed the Dolphins in week 3. A game that Jay Ajayi ran for a humiliating 16 yards on 11 attempts. (Wow!) Things will be different this time though. As a fan that watches every game, I can see the team slowly starting to gel and they will be out for revenge against their rival on Sunday. The Jets are allowing 105 yards per game to opposing running backs at 4.13 yards per carry.  There are a lot of great match ups for running backs in week 7 and after Jays performance against the Jets in week 3….. You may get him at extremely low ownership, and I’m calling it right now. Jay Ajayi will get his first touchdown of the season on Sunday. He’ll also have over a hundred yards rushing as he carries the Dolphins to 4-2 on the year. He’s the Dolphins Money Maker, he’ll be mine too!



Adrian Peterson ($5,800)

When Peterson was traded to the Cardinals I was happy. He deserved a chance to show that he still has it, and I’m not sure what the hell the Saints even signed him for. I knew he was worth so much more than a 3rd string running back, but I didn’t know he still had this in him! Some might see last weeks game as an apparition, but not me! I saw a guy that came to the team less than a week ago, (a team in dire need of a running threat) and destroyed the opposing team. For Carson Palmer to be an effective quarterback, the play action game has to be on point. Adrian Peterson is exactly what this team needed, and this team is exactly what Adrian Peterson needed. A match made in heaven? I sure as hell know that Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals are thanking the heavens! AP ran 26 times for 134 yards and 2 touchdowns and I don’t see him slowing down one bit in week 7 as he takes on the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams are a much improved defense, but running backs are destroying them each week. They’re giving up an embarrassing 122 yards (4.78 yards per carry) and 1.17 touchdowns per game to the running back position. Let’s compare them to the Bucs, the team that Adrian Peterson destroyed last week. Even after that game, the Bucs are allowing 90 yards per game at 3.70 yards per carry and .60 touchdowns each week. Tampa Bay is night and day a better team against the run defensively, and if AP did that to them…. Then imagine what he can do to the Rams on Sunday! He will undoubtedly be high owned, but I’m willing to take the risk. Peterson has been a money maker his entire career, he’s earned it!


Bonus Money Makers: *Ezekiel Elliot, Todd Gurley, **Jerick McKinnon, Joe Mixon, *Leonard Fournette, LeSean McCoy, Carlos Hyde & Marlon Mack

Wide Receivers

Davante Adams ($5,800)

After Aaron Rodgers season ending injury last week, a lot of people will be scared off of the Packers. Don’t just give up on the season quite yet though…. Nick Hundley was thrust into the starting lineup last week and wasn’t great. However he wasn’t bad either, especially considering the defense he was facing. Well this week he faces a Saints defense that has been better, but they’re still the saints. They’re currently giving up 14 catches for 177 yards per game to opposing wide receivers. Ranked 28th against the wide receiver position on Draftkings, Adams finds himself in prime position to be a Money Maker in week 7.
Davante now has a whopping 5 touchdowns so far on the year. Granted 4 of those have come from Aaron Rodgers, but 1 came from Hundley. Hundley now has 3 years working in Mike McCarthys system. Just because he hasn’t had to be a starting quarterback doesn’t mean he is completely lost out there. I have him ranked as a sleeper this week, and I expect Davante Adams to be his number 1 target. The Saints defense will do all they can to key in on Jordy Nelson, and even though I don’t think they’ll be able to completely eliminate Nelson as a target. I think it will make it just that much easier for Hundley to get Adams the ball. Lock him in!


Jarvis Landry ($6,800)

Yes, I usually try to not let personal bias affect my Money Maker recommendations, but this is just too sweet to pass up. All reports out of Miami point to Devante Parker not playing this game, and if he did he wouldn’t be 100%. It has been made more than clear that Landry is Cutlers number one wide receiver, yet opposing defenses haven’t been able to really slow him down. His lowest Draftkings point total of the year is 10 points, and with a 25 point ceiling I’ll certainly be throwing him into some lines on Sunday. I predicted that the Miami offense would begin to get rolling last week against the Falcons. I didn’t think it would take until the second half to get points on the board, but you take what you can get!
Landry is averaging 12.31 yards per catch against the Jets in his career. Ryan Tannehill was throwing him the ball in all but one of those games.However even when the Dolphins were upset against the Jets this year Landry still had 6 catches.With touchdowns in back to back games I predict Landry will get into the endzone once again on Sunday. If Jay Ajayi runs down the Jets throat the way that I think he will. It will open up the Play action game for Cutler, giving him time to find Landry. If he can just get the ball to him, Landry will do the rest as he is most dangerous after the catch. With not a lot of great matchups on the day, Landry finds himself a top play.  Throw him in your lines and let him make you some money!


Bonus Money Makers: Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant, Doug Baldwin, Devin Funchess, **Demaryius Thomas, Cooper Kupp, Larry Fitzgerald, Ricardo Louis, Allen Hurns & Michael Thomas

Tight Ends


Austin Seferian-Jenkins ($5,000)

Even after getting robbed for a touchdown last week against the Patriots (That was absolutely a touchdown) Jenkins still finished with 17.6 Draftkings points. Considering the Jets receiving corps, Jenkins is by far McCowns top target. I loved Jenkins when he was in Tampa Bay, and if he had been used more then the Bucs may have gone further. Great news for the Jets though as he already has 2 touchdowns in 4 games played on the year. He under performed in his last game against Miami, but it was his first game of the year. Jets coach Todd Boles reported that he was out of shape, but he’s in shape now!
The Dolphins have been historically bad against the tight end position, and even though they’ve been better this year…. I’m not sure if I’m buying it yet. Austin Seferian-Jenkins is a tough player to defend for any team. He’s a big body that can run routes with ease.If the Jets want to have any chance of winning this game, it will take a big game out of him. He should have no problem performing and even though I don’t believe it will be enough for the Jets to get a win…. I expect a big Money Maker game out of Jenkins!


Hunter Henry ($4,200)

The Chargers will be taking on the No Fly Zone at home in Los Angeles on Sunday. In their first match up this year, Hunter Henry was inexplicably targeted zero times. While we all love Antonio Gates and everything he has done for the Chargers organization. It’s time to move on…. Hunter Henry is a talented young tight end and a big part of the reason that the Chargers have now won 2 games in a row. This being a divisional game, the Chargers play the Broncos well. In fact, if it weren’t for their kicker, there’s a good chance they would have left Denver victorious in their last game.
For as good as the No Fly Zone is, like I said last week “Tight ends seem to find ways to get theirs”. The Broncos are currently ranked 29th against defending the tight end position on Draftkings. I recommended Evan Engram against them last week and I hope you listened. He caught 5 of 7 targets for 82 yards and a touchdown. This week it’s Hunter Henrys turn, and if the Chargers really want to win….. They will incorporate him heavily into their game plan. I expect a big game from Henry, lock him in!



Bonus Money Makers: Evan Engram, *Delanie Walker, Jack Doyle, Jimmy Graham, George Kittle & **Cameron Brate

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