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Daily Fantasy Baseballs Daily Gas Can Pitcher: September 19th,2017


Welcome to Root Fantasy Sports Daily Gas Can for Tuesday September 12th,2017

Welcome to Roots Daily Fantasy Baseball MLB DFS Advice, “Daily Gas Can Pitcher!” For those of you who are new to Root Fantasy Sports. Your Daily Gas Can was a section that we put in our Daily Fantasy Baseball write ups. Well, now we’ve decided to give it life, and make it its own entity!


We use the term “Gas Can” to describe a pitcher that is easily blown up. A pitcher that is likely going to give up a substantial amount of runs when they take the mound. Stacking against this pitcher can send you soaring into the money faster than the Cowboys bandwagon emptied after Sundays loss! (Too Soon?)


At times, stacking against Your Daily Gas Can Pitcher is somewhat chalky, so if it’s expected to be, then I recommend mixing your stack with some picks with projected low ownership. This should balance the chalk out and allow you to make some of that stuff we all love so much…. “$$Money$$!” With that being said, let’s get this money!


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It’s hard for Travis to hide his excitement being named our Daily Gas Can! This is him doing his best…

Your Daily Gas Can

“Travis Wood”


Sometimes you can find the best pitchers on a slate at the bottom of the list and vice versa. Then sometimes that pitcher at the bottom of the list is actually the worst pitcher on the slate. Travis Wood is the cheapest available pitcher on the slate for a reason. He’s not just bad, he’s horrible! He’s been especially bad in his last 2 games, finishing with -14 and -10 Draftkings points! (Just ugly!) In those last two games combined he gave up 15 earned runs and 5 homers in only 4 total innings. I invented our Daily Gas Can for pitchers like this…
His ERA is currently sitting at a pathetic 6.80, and he now has a WHIP of 1.79. That’s Gas Can status at its best! His month of September has been so bad that in 4.1 innings pitched he actually has an ERA of 31.1! It’s actually kind of insane.. Arizona is always risky on the road, until they’re placed in the right situation. After being embarrassed last night by losing to the Padres, they’ll step up in a big way. Gas Cans will explode!
Travis Wood in disbelief he made it 3 innings without giving up a run…. He went on to give up 32 homers and 46 earned runs in that third inning….
Wood is a left-handed pitcher that primarily gets eaten up by righties. 51 of his 63 earned runs and 13 of his 16 homers given up have been to right-handed batters. This is great for us, as most of Arizonas hardest hitters are righties. I like Chris Ianetta, JD Martinez, Paul Goldschmidt & AJ Pollock. Mix in some Brandon Drury, Danny Delasco, Ketel Marte & Jake Lamb.
I don’t really see chalk being a problem tonight. I never worry about it on large slates like this, and a lot of people will be scared of Arizona on the road. Which means that if our Daily Gas Can blows up…. We’ll be on our way to some cold hard cash! So stack those bats, and watch our Daily Gas Can explode all over the field!


Also Consider Chad Bell & Odrisamer Despaigne as your Daily Gas Can.



Your Daily Gas Can is provided by digging into the numbers and mixing those stats with BVP and the momentum each team is carrying at the time. Nothing is for certain in DFS and if it was, we’d all be rich. Sometimes Gas Cans pitch like Aces and Aces pitch like Gas Cans. Feel free to look into stats yourself and check around elsewhere. The number one thing we want to do is help you win money! By any means Necessary…. Good luck and remember to play smart!

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