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Roots NFL All Star Pool: Week 5 NFL DFS Picks for Draftkings

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Welcome to Roots NFL All Star Pool “Week 5 Edition”


We all know that life gets in the way of Daily Fantasy Sports at times. You may be headed to work or church, or you had a long night. Hell, maybe you’re just feeling lazy and don’t feel like doing research for your NFL DFS Picks. We’ve all been there, but we still want the chance at winning big money in today’s Draftkings NFL contests. So what do you do? That’s where us here at Root Fantasy Sports come in, and we’ve got your NFL DFS Picks covered!

Welcome to Roots NFL All Star Pool! We’ve worked hard all week researching all the top NFL DFS plays to take down a Week 5 NFL GPP or double your money in NFL cash games. We then crammed it all into a Draftkings spread sheet and color coded each player by recommended contest type and risk factor. With no articles to read it’s simple. Just plug your top NFL DFS picks in and play! Mix and match however you like and watch the money come rolling in!


Click on the image below for your NFL All Star Pool “Week 5 Edition”




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