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Tips to help you succeed in DFS hockey Part 1

Follow these tips to help you improve your DFS game

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I’ve been playing DFS hockey for 4 years now. In that time I have definitely had to learn some things the hard way. I am writing this article to hopefully help you not make some of the same mistakes I made. While there is no one right way to play DFS and be successful there are definitely things that will help you stay consistent thus helping you finish in the money more often.

Lets jump right into it shall we?

“Do not cheap out on a goalie”

I cannot stress this enough! Goalies make up for a big chunk of your points in NHL DFS. So it is something you want to pay up for. If you think about it Buying a player like Connor Mcdavid on Fanduel will cost you $8,500 or so. On an average night lets say he scores a goal and gets 3 shots on net, he will end up with 18.4 points. Your average goaltender (who costs about the same price) gets 12 points just for the win and 0.8 points per save. If your goalie has a solid night and gives up 1 goal and makes 30 saves…  He will put up 32 points! So you can see how much of an impact a goalie can make. I’m not saying to take the most expensive goaltender every night. I am saying don’t take the back up goalie for the Arizona Coyotes for $6,900 so you can free up $2,000 bucks to spend extra on a forward. Because if that goalie finishes with negative points or doesn’t get the win it can kill your whole line up. I get the desire in GPP to try to go for the risky play to try to win, but to me the risk reward just isn’t there.

“The most useful information is right under your nose”

With all the data out there and millions of websites giving you the picks they say will help take you to the top of your GPP or cash game. Or the websites with hundreds of pages of player stats. The very first piece of information you should find before you even look at layers is the Vegas odds. The people in Vegas who make these lines make hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Look at the over under for each game. This is the projected amount of goals that will be scored collectively between the two teams. So you would typically want to target the slates that have the higher over under. For example if the Buffalo Sabres vs. Arizona Coyotes is 5.5 goals, and the New York Rangers vs. Edmonton Oilers is 6.5. You are going to want to target the Ranger and Oilers game since it is predicted to have a higher scoring outcome. Also look at the NHL favorites or the money line as commonly known. The favorites odds for a game based on $1.00. A minus (-) preceding the number indicates the team is a favorite. A plus (+) preceding the number indicates the team is an underdog. The Rangers’ odds are -180, meaning an $18 bet would win $10 for a return of $28. Like i said before, the boys in Vegas have more man power and money than we could ever dream of. There’s a reason they can predict the winners of these games.

“Take the easy money”

Between Draftkings and Fanduel there are a ton of different ways to play your money. Whether its head to head, tournaments, 50/50, or one of the many others. I know i know the idea of winning $10,000 in a tournament for just 4 dollars is very lucrative, but lets face it… If you could win those big tournaments you wouldn’t be reading this article. STAY OUT OF BIG MULTI ENTRY TOURNAMENTS. They will eat your money up very quickly. Even the cheap stakes $4 or even $1, your chances are so low of winning. You’re throwing money into the wind against guys that have 150 lineups in the tournament.  Stick to cash games 50/50 or head to head where you have a 50% chance of doubling your investment. 80% of the money i play is in cash games mainly 50/50. Winning 40 bucks in a night on double ups is better than losing 20 on hail Mary tournaments.  If you want to play tournaments stick to the 100 person and lower ones. I may not be able to beat out 15,000 people but i can certainly beat out a 100 on good or lucky night.

“Don’t blow all your money in one night”

No matter how sure you are that your lineup is the greatest line you have ever made and all your research and time is about to pay off. That very well be the case once but no way can you keep that up every night. So manage your money, do not use more than 25% percent of your bankroll in one night. Even on nights we think we got it, upsets happen and nothing is worse than blowing your whole bankroll because a key player got hurt or your team just under performed. Over time that 25% amount will start to grow the more you win. If you can manage your budget properly you can stay afloat through a bad night or two.


“Find value in cheap players”

Just because a player isn’t lighting the lamp doesn’t mean he isn’t valuable to your lineup. When it’s a night where you want to spend extra money on those big stars, look for a cheap player to save you money. Don’t just look at goals and assists a lot of other things play into the points each night. when you have $3,500 left for a player and it seems like only thing left is 4th liners. Stop and look at team line ups, search for that player that is being bumped to the 1st line cause of injury. Or look for that player that is a healthy scratch some night but is given a chance on the second line. Search for the players that block a lot of shots, at the $3,500 range I’m not necessarily looking for a player to score. I mean don’t get me wrong it would be nice, but realistically if I can get a cheap player to block 4 or 5 shots and take a couple of shots, he will cover his price tag.


These are some of the things i use to help me each night in DFS hockey. If you have any questions feel free to message me on twitter @RootDailyFantasy











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