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Root Fantasy Top NBA Fanduel Cash Plays – October 21, 2017

Top NBA Fanduel Plays for October 21, 2017

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Another day, another full slate of basketball games. We got 10 games on the docket and a ton of injury news to sift through that’s bound to open up even more value as the day progresses. Another 400 point slate is well in play and I’ll be here to give you some of my Top NBA Fanfduel cash plays for the day so you can find yourself up there near the top. I’ll give 3 for each position with each at a different tier of price. I wont name the big stars like LeBron and Harden as they should already be on your list so let’s get to it.


Kyle Lowry – $8,200 vs PHI

He had a cake matchup against the Bulls couple days ago but disappointed fantasy owners with just 29.3 in a blowout victory. However, he was very efficient with his minutes going 4-7 from the field and dishing out 9 assists. Lowry gets another favorable matchup here against his hometown Philadelphia 76ers where he’s averaged 35.9 FDP against them in his last 5 outings against them. With the 3 elite PGs above him, he should be a good lower owned option.

Darren Collison – $5,500 vs NYK/Reggie Jackson – $5,600 vs MIA

You get a double serving here in the mid-tier section of PGs since there is no way I could write about one and forget the other. Darren Collison won some people a ton of money this past Wednesday, busting out a 23/2/11 line and a massive 45 spot. Today he’ll face Dragic who was a bottom 25 defender among PGs last year. Turner is also set to miss the next couple games so Collison will likely take on bigger load offensively. Reggie Jackson has come out of the gates firing at will, jacking up a mind-boggling 21 shots in 32 minutes. He hasn’t disappointed though as he’s dropped 43 and 34 in his first two games. The crazy thing? HE’S STILL 5.6K. The spread is just 1, as I’m writing this, in favor of Detroit. Expect R-Jax to continue going full throttle.

De’Aaron Fox – $4,500 at DEN/JJ Barea – $3,900 at HOU

I can’t help myself but the value has been blooming early on in the season and today is no exception. Fox finds himself in a juicy matchup against an uptempo Denver Nuggets team. Fox has shown himself to be a very valuable all-around PG in the early going, averaging 11.5 ppg, 5 RPG, and 7.5 APG after two games. He’s been incredibly efficient with his minutes and takes care of the ball. He’s been the most reliable budget PG to date. In a possible blowout, he could even see some more minutes.

Dallas phenom Dennis Smith Jr. was suddenly removed from yesterday’s game and has reportedly not traveled with the team for today’s upcoming game. That opened up minutes for Yogi Ferrell and JJ Barea with the latter making the most of his minutes. He struggled with his shot, going 4-14 from the field, but distributed 10 assists in 27 minutes. Barea too faces an uptempo team in the Houston Rockets and luckily misses Chris Paul’s defense. Barea is in a great spot and I don’t think people will quite realize his value just yet. Don’t be scared to put in the wily vet to save some cap.

DJ Augustin – $3,000 @ CLE

If we go even lower, we can find even more value with DJ Augustin of the Orlando Magic. With Elfrid Payton being ruled out with a hamstring energy, DJ becomes next in line to see a big increase in minutes. He got 23 min last game and made the most of it, going 10/2/5 for a cool 20 spot. A minimum priced guy who gets starting minutes against the likes of Calderon? Sign me up!


Victor Oladipo – $7,100 vs MIA

As I’m sure people jump to big names like Harden and DeRozan naturally, Oladipo has been catching the eyes of some fantasy players as well. The former OKC SG has taken over the reigns of the IND offense and it looks he’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Oladipo has already taken 29 shots in his first two games and with Myles Turner being knocked out, he’ll be in line to take even more. Richardson is a solid defender but Oladipo should fare fairly well by sheer volume.

Will Barton – $5,700 vs SAC

The initial spread of this game is 11 points in favor of Denver. Kings are on the 2nd half of a back-to-back and on the road in the Mile High city. Denver’s frontcourt duo of Jokic and Millsap should easily dominate the Kings and put this one out of reach rather early. Enter Will Barton who is easily the best scorer off the bench and just scored 23 points in 31 minutes in the first game of the season. He should have a good chance at hitting value against a very young Kings squad.

Garrett Temple – $4,000 vs DEN

A name I never thought I’d write, Temple seems to be a solid cash game option at 4K flat. He’s seems to be locked in for about 25-30 min and with that kind of run, he should easily hit value. He has been boosted by his steal numbers but he’s facing a team that just turned the ball over 21 times against the Jazz. He should continue to get those steals tonight.

Quick Note: Check out the full breakdown of tonight’s slate with top plays for cash, gpp and a sample lineup from B.Smith himself.


Khris Middleton – $7,700 vs POR

Small forward seems to be rather ugly tonight but if we exclude the big 3 above him, Middleton becomes the top option. Middleton has been getting insane run alongside Antetokounmpo and getting up a healthy amount of shots. He doesn’t have the best of matchups as he’ll likely see defense from both Harkless and Aminu, both of whom are plus defenders. However, Middleton hasn’t seemed to have much of problem of scoring on them in the past so I don’t think we should have a problem here rostering him in cash.

Rudy Gay – $5,500 vs CHI

Gay finds himself in a nice tune-up spot for him against the mess that is the Chicago Bulls. With Leonard already being ruled out of this game, Gay is lined up for another start. Gay won’t likely go all out in what should be an easy win but he should still see enough run for him to meet value. He was able to get just about 5x value in his last matchup against Jimmy Butler so reaching at least 25 shouldn’t be too much of a problem for him.

Dillon Brooks – $4,000 vs GS

I’m not going to lie when I say I haven’t seen much of his game other than maybe several of his college games at Oregon but man did he look good in the season opener. He was able to get 29 min of run and convert more than half of his shots into 19 points to go along with 4 steals. Brooks got a solid amount of playing time in the preseason and it looks to be the case to start the season. With Wayne Selden and Ben McLemore out for the time being, look for Brooks to carve out a solid role in the Grizzlies offense.


Kristaps Porzingis – $8,600 vs DET

51, 43, and 48. The last 3 performances the Unicorn has dropped on the Pistons have been massive. In these performances, he’s averaged 26 points, 7 boards, and about 3 assists to go along with 3 blocks. The Pistons have absolutely nobody who can guard him and contend with him on the boards other than maybe Drummond. In a game that figures to be close, he should get more than enough run to dominate Detroit. Don’t think too long about it and lock the Latvian in.

James Johnson – $5,300 vs IND

Johnson was tough to figure out towards the end of last season but if his first game is any indicator, he’s back to his productive ways. In just 19 minutes, he dropped a quiet 30 fdp performance with 11/4/8. Had he not been limited by foul trouble, he would’ve gone off even more. With an outside threat in Myles Turner being out for the Pacers, IND bigs should look to move their attention more down low and on the boards, which favors Johnson over Olynyk. Johnson should be a strong consideration as a PF2 in your cash lines tonight.

Jonathan Isaac – $3,900 vs CLE 

The 6’10” rookie out of Florida State has proven to be a very reliable asset for the Orlando Magic. He hasn’t scored much to start the season but he has been very efficient with them, making 6-8 baskets. Isaac’s length also makes him a capable rebounder and decent defender. In his last two contests, he’s reached 20 FDP in just about 20 min of play. With Gordon’s status in the air and Isaac at min price, I don’t see why Isaac shouldn’t be in your cash lines for today.


Marc Gasol – $8,500 vs GS

The centers seem to be rather overpriced today but if I had to pay up for a center, my choice would be Marc Gasol. He’s quietly become a very capable deep threat among big men and still rebounds and passes better than a lot of centers in the league. Coming off a big opening night victory against the Pels, the Grizzlies will need all of Gasol to help them keep up with the defending champs in the Golden State Warriors. Should the game remain close, Gasol could easily put up a 40 spot which pays off the price and hits value, making him a solid play for your cash game lineups.

Jonas Valanciunas – $6,200 vs PHI

Big Val absolutely dominated Chicago’s junior varsity team this past Thursday, dropping an efficient 23 points and 15 boards in just 30 minutes. He’ll face an Embiid-less 76ers team tonight and you know what that means? He gets to face the 500th Team All-Pro Defense of Jahlil Okafor. He was the 5th worst defender among PF/C last year and 2nd worst among centers only to KAT. Expect Valanciunas to have a feast against Okafor. Any center against Okafor is a strong play.

Mason Plumlee – $4,000 vs SAC

Coming over in a trade from POR, Plumlee was bound to be a bench player behind the likes of Jokic and Millsap. However, he has still shown to be capable of producing respectable stat lines with his rebounding and above average passing ability. He was stifled last game by the Utah Jazz and got into foul trouble very early on but should have no problem adjusting to a faster pace team like the Kings. At just 4k, you won’t need very much from the 6’11” big man to make you a happy person. Put him in with confidence.


That just about does it for today’s cash game plays. I hope you made it all the way through and enjoyed it. Good luck tonight and follow me on twitter @gr33nappleboy.

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